7 DAY – The 100x You Have Been Waiting For – Just Launched – Ownership Renounced + Liquidity Locked

**Introducing the Next Moonshot**

**7 Day is one of the best tokens I have seen in a long time! YOU ARE EARLY so don’t miss out on this one! This token has a completely unique smart contract that has never been done before. Once you buy in, the smart contract sets a 7 Day timer per wallet. From there you can choose to wait the 7 days or sell early but face a 55% transaction tax. Those who hold and sell on time only pay 11% tax. There have already been people testing early sells which you can see on the 1m version of the poocoin chart!**

**Key Tokenomics**

**11% Transaction Tax (4% Redistribution + 7% Liquidity)**

**55% Early Sellers Transaction Tax (only to those who sell before their timer is up)**

**All Transactions (Buys + Sells) Reset the 7 Day timer per wallet**


**This Token Cant Dump**

**Max Wallet = 5% of the Total Supply**

**Regular Wallets are capped to selling 50% of your current holdings at a time**

**Large Wallets w/ more than 1% of the total supply can only sell 0.5% at a time**

**Developers are also capped by these same rules**


**Need to Know**

**THE CHART IS UNREAL!! If you think it’s too good to be true and want to test sell, just know that early sellers have to set the slippage to 70%+ through their website. SELLS DO GO THROUGH – Follow the Instructions on their site!**


**Important Checks**

**Ownership Renounced**

**Liquidity Locked for 2+ Years**

**Limited Developer Wallet**

**Active Socials + Telegram**

**Poocoin Banner Ads**


**Website: 7**

**Contract Address: 0xaDc8128253aa9C6992a0a0Ac0a16e27173845343**

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