5x 3080 to buy or not?

So I’m in a pickle, I can get 5 of 3080 FE for roughly 1400us per each.

Two issues for me

1. No receipts, so no warranty
2. I really don’t like FE cards, if they were FTW3 I wouldn’t think twice about it.

I don’t care about eip 1559, halving, POS. I plan to mine for few more years, mining was thing before ETH and will be after ETH.

To my knowledge Nvidia supports is junk, their warranty rules are terrible. If they had receipts I would easy trade them.

Also as nice warranty is, I’ve been trying to warrant my ROG strix for 3 months now and they just keep repeating that they don’t have stock. So a top brand GPU is sitting duck here for 3 months and keep waiting so not sure how important is the warranty are the end of the day.

What do you think?

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  1. >I don’t care about eip 1559, halving, POS. I plan to mine for few more years, mining was thing before ETH and will be after ETH.

    I misread a bit. Refrashing. If you don’t put so much weight on ETH mining, and, this is very important part, you view mining as long term, then why would you want to get into mining now, when it’s still very expensive? Why not wait for 6 months or so. That’s about as much as merge will take, so around that time GPUs will be significantly cheaper, and you get much more hashrate.

  2. well this is like those times….

    you have a question.

    you answer the question.

    you don’t like the answer so you ask the question with random people.

    you don’t like the answer

    so you do exactly what you want to do from the start.

  3. With mining demand dropping, I would wait to see if availability on nvidia mining variant cards will be there along with pricing that would work favorably

    You’re considering paying over 200% msrp for a lot of questionable cards unknown usage, degradation, warranty

  4. 3080 are not very efficient in terms of hash/watts or hash/dollar, so they’re not the best option long term.

    Prices are on the way down so don’t feel like you’re going to miss out. You have the benefit of a long term view so there will certainly be better deals down the line, hopefully with receipts.

  5. If you can wait 6 months it would be better. If you think money is going to waste while waiting, just buy couple of ETH while you wait.
    Sell the ETH when the cards are cheaper… Win win

  6. Tbh prices are just too high even at 1400 per card. Yeah I know, you can still sell it for a lot, but it’s not good for the money.

    Now assuming you don’t care and want to do it anyways, I would go with EVGA cards if you could find them for that price. 3080 FE’s are notorious for being horrible with mining because the pads are awful. Not only that but if you go to attempt a pad mod, it’s designed in a way that is much more difficult to mod and takes a lot of hassle. Easier just to buy a non FE card and mod.

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