5700xt bios modded. 700mv minimum but only drops to 133w… did I lose the lottery or am I missing something?

Bios flash successfully worked finally. I Copy paste the 1550mhz, x3 the memory speed I think it was? It was exactly what son of a tech has in his video and use more power tool to go down to 700mv.

Before mod I was barely stable at 52mh @ 140w

After bios mod I’m looking at 57mh at 133 watts…. So the mod worked? I’m thinking it did but I don’t understand why other people are getting 100w or lower with over 700mv. What am I doing wrong? Or did I just lose the silicon lottery?

Even playing with dropping memory and core it really only effects the hash rate and keeps the same power consumption…… I’m confused because after dropping voltages thru MPT on my 6700xt’s I have no problems getting real close what I was expecting 47@100w

And advice would be greatly appreciated I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere else

What do you think?

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  1. Most people aren’t measuring at the wall. They are looking at the software number which varies from model to model and also can be affected by BIOS/MPT mods. If you have 5700s with Samsung RAM then I think it’s possible to get under 100w at the wall, especially if you have reference cards. Samsung memory has trouble clocking higher though. Micron cards will use more power but they will be easier to clock higher. Also if you have an aftermarket card with 3 fans, big VRM, and lots of RGB those will use more power.

    If you want to get the power down further you can try limiting your SoC frequency. If you are on HiveOS you can also lower the memory and memory controller voltages.

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