5 reasons why safemoon is clearly the best crypto out there

1. Ground floor of the Tokenomics revolution. There is no bigger name in tokenomics right now, Safemoon is the true original. Once it reaches a certain point reflections alone will give the investors sustained income, that is incredible and revolutionary. Every time I refresh my wallet my tokens shoot up.
2. Safemoon is green. No mining, no useless use of electricity, buying up video cards causing a shortage for gamers “mining” some imaginary thing from some imaginary place wasting everyone’s time and energy. It’s a bunch of BS, and will be considered incredibly antiquated in a few years.
3. CEO is as legit as they come. A veteran with parents who were both CIA agents. This ain’t no rug pull or pyramid scheme these are legit people with reputations to protect.
4. Safemoon is compassionate. The team’s efforts in Gambia has showed me that they care about the wellbeing of people in poverty in third world countries and if we can lift people out of poverty while going to the moon and getting reflections from their transactions it’s a win/win. This is the way.
5. The community. I’ve never seen a more positive and amazing community around crypto. This isn’t some cult belief driven community like some other big cryptos I can name as well as the biggest one. Sure 5% of us are quick profit paper handers, who panic and spread FUD every time they see a dip, but the other 95% are awesome.


I’ve did my DD a few months ago when I first got in. And I believe this is the most legit up and coming crypto money can buy. And the amount of projects they’re involved in that we don’t even know about yet is unreal. I suspect as time passes my list of reasons will only get bigger.

Let’s go!

What do you think?

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  1. Safe moon and useless are the ways to go. I bought a little baby doge because why not. Im so addicted to these fractions of penny coins. They are so fun, the communities are great due to the fact when the price will eventually rise and the ones who are here to hold until it does are having a grand ol time. Ill see y’all on the other side

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