$5 BTC Promotional Credit not received

Hello everyone,

I need help. I am still new to cryptocurrency mining, and self teaching/learning as I go. As such I have made my way to cryptocurrency purchasing. I joined CoinBase because of an email promotion for $5 in BTC if I join. After researching CoinBase I felt safe enough to create an account. and beginning to have doubts now. I have completed all steps of ID verification and have all green check marks but have not received the promotional $5 BTC after 30days roughly. I have opened multiple cases asking for help. They keep getting closed with “the account id may not be completed or “the account is a duplicate or fake” automated responses. All of my tickets were closed – some were closed without even a response or reason. I have made successful purchases with my account in the meantime to test with and have completed some of the Learn & earns and successfully received the rewards. So I’m not sure what’s broken about my account. Nothing I do seems to reach anyone that can or will help at CoinBase. I seriously don’t know what’s wrong so I can fix it. If there is someone on the forums who has had a similar experience and gained success receiving their promotional credit and can please reply back with steps or how they did it, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance for understanding – again I am very new to this, so I apologize in advance and ask that you bear with me. With much appreciation, thank you.

I have asked for help in the following cases:

Case# 06895603 *Opened today 7/23*

Case #06716331

Case# 06718769

Case# 06720273

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