401k -> Safemoon

Not that anyone cares but here is my personal reason on why I’m taking the tax hit and throwing my 401k into Safemoon.

I’ve recently been let go from my job
(Everything happens for a reason) and have yet to find another one comparable in pay so instead of my money sitting in a stagnant 401k Ive decided the risk/reward for moving it into Safemoon at this time is well worth it.

Let’s say Safemoon hits the last ATH of .000012 by end of year then I will have more than 5X’d my investment from today’s price. Now let’s say it rally’s to .00005 that’s 20X! If it goes lower over the next 10 years(very unlikely) I ain’t worried about it cuz I ain’t retiring for another 25 years anyways. Peace, love, and Safemoon!

What do you think?

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  1. As long as you know it’s an investment like any other with potential losses I say go for it. I blew 32k on heroin when I took out my annuity after being laid off from the union for over a year in 2008. It was a bad time and like the moron I am (or was) I pulled out the money claiming I was gonna pay debt. Lol. Nope. But yea I have 100% faith we’ll hit the ath again at the very very least. That’s why I’m dumping money into this. I wish I could get to 5 billion. But that’s gonna take a bit. I just hope this price stays down long enough for me to hit 3.

  2. I emptied my 401k 14 years ago and started a business. It was a big risk but it paid off. I took a big tax hit for early withdrawal.

    If your serious about this then think about:

    1) can a self-directed 401k be used to invest in crypto to avoid tax hit; and
    2) diversify.

  3. I believe in this project but holy shit. I hope it’s not a 15-20 year 401K.
    Crypto is a high risk investment, a lot can happen between now and finalizing the Gambia deal.
    But I wish you, and all of us, the best of luck.

  4. Throw a couple Etherium in for good measure. $2k investment that is predicted to hit between-$10-20k by end of year and $30-40k by end of next year with a potential to keep growing to some incredible numbers in the next 5 years. I bought a couple more this morning.

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