3 days away from bankruptcy!

Tesla on the ropes. Media laughing at Elon after months of predicting the failure of the company HE COMMITTED himself to. He could have walked away with his millions and done something else. Instead, he camped out at the factory and MADE THINGS HAPPEN.
Doge to $1. That was the commitment Elon made. Although Doge is much more than Elon Musk, the fact that Elon has committed himself to a $1 Doge means a lot. It seems as though we are “3 days away from bankruptcy” but WE are committed.
This community knows we can beat those manipulating prices and virtually robbing the value out from under us. We need to begin playing this game back at them, however. We need to be buying properly and not trying to make pennies with the algorithms. We WILL reach $1 together. Keep you hope alive!!!

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  1. Who cares about the media says? Bunch of news readers calling themselves “analysts” are so full of it. Idiots only interested in clicks/viewership and nothing factual. Add to it all the frigging “influencers” without any experience and just the gift of the gab, who will talk about anything for views from GOD alone knows where. DOGE is better than them all. There are ups and downs to DOGE but the smart ones knew what they were getting into and are in it for the long haul.

Daily Discussion Thread for July 06, 2021

It’s Jack Dorsey! SafeMoon Dev is Jack Dorsey!!!