1660 Regular Mining OC Settings (can’t limit power lower than 60% in msi afterburner?)

So I recently got a 1660 but for some reason when I try to set the power limit in msi afterburner, the slider can only go to 60% and not lower. I tried manually putting the number in and it just resets itself to 60% even if I put a smaller number. I’ve had a similar issue back when I tried to mine on my old 1070 as well.

Is there some trick to it, or is it not possible to undervolt this lower than 60% PL on Windows and I have to use HiveOS or something like that?

I’ve seen some vids and people recommending 53% PL and/or 75W but I’m not sure how they’re doing it on afterburner, any advice? Also just general suggestions for settings are welcome as well for this card.

(This is also an ASUS 1660 OC Phoenix /w the one fan, if that helps).

What do you think?

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