1600W EVGA Power supply question

So I got []( brand new as a gift from someone who just knows I mine crypto, but I just completed my second rig and have no need for this beast…. yet. I happen to have some spare money laying around I am willing to throw towards another rig for the sake of this hobby and to satisfy my OCD of leaving this nice PSU lying around doing nothing. My question is, with this PSU what would be the best graphics cards and mobo to utilize given the 9 VGA slots and 2 CPU slots while keeping the power draw around or under 1300W? I know this is kind of a specific question, but any insight is appreciated.

What do you think?

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  1. You’re gonna be limited to 6 GPUs, even if you run 3070s at ~ 120.

    Even though you have 9 PCIe/VGA connectors, you don’t have a comparable amount of connectors to power the risers.

    You can put 2 risers on each Perif connector (using Molex) and another 4 risers on two (of your 9) PCIe/VGA 6-pins).

    That would leave you with one spare PCIe/VGA.

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