🧪MuskyUP🧪 💸 LAUNCH IN 4 HOURS 💸 Advanced project mechanics | Crazy Influencers! |10k giveaway 🤯

💎 MuskyUP 💎 is a unique project of its kind!

We took the best mechanics and functions of the best #BSC tokens, tweak the taxing system, achieved the ultimate balance and merged it with PHYSICAL PRODUCT!

🤕Presale Bots? Will be REKT! 🤕Paperhands? Will be REKT! 🤕Scalpers? Will be REKT! 🤕Whales trying to lower the price? Will be ABSOLUTELY REKT!


🍹Musky UP drink is the sweetest on the market! We just shipped a box full of drinks to the most important influencers in the USA!

They gonna drink it, film it and post it on their socials.

🤯 We partnered with [u/JonMarianek]( which is the manager and best friend of Jake Paul, he will be with us in the main chat today before the presale.

🤯This is the most important project of the summer, we’re here for the long term, we’ve been audited, we have A-list influencers that will never associate their name, BUT ONLY WITH US!

😵 All the others will regret missing out the most important presale of the summer!

💻 Website: []( 🗣 Telegram: []( 🕊 Twitter: [](

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