🧩Zombie Farm 🧩 prepaid digital VISA card 💳 Make your worldwide online shopping easy, secure and fully anonymous. 🔒 3DSecure – for extra Security. 📅

📅The prepaid card will allow users to top up their cards with coins such as BNB, BUSD, or Zombie Farm . This gives users more options when it comes to using their cards for payments and purchases.

Although given the lack of a KYC currently, users are limited to $18,000 a year on each prepaid Visa card in a bid to fight fraud.

In order to access the Visa virtual card, users will have to hold a minimum of 2 BNB worth of Zombie Farm tokens. This clause makes sure that the tokens are not getting dumped and investors actually hold on to their coins.

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Buy on PancakeSwap:[](

REAL CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0xd00b5cb619d0793728ddb39f705629fca9debc7c

💶 Tokenomics

1. pancake LP 50%

2. pre sale 40%

3. marketing wallet 5%

4. dev wallet 5%

💷 Features

1. BUSD AUTO-DIVIDENDS – In order to start receiving the dividends, you must hold at least 0.5 BNB worth of SDOG tokens for a minimum of 24 hours.

2. PREPAID VIRTUAL VISA CARD – Issued within 15 minutes and ready to use online immediately. Top up with BNB, BUSD or SDOG.

3. DAPP CONTROL PANEL – Beautifully designed all-in-one control panel to manage your virtual cards, check dividend earnings & more.

4. STAKING – We plan to launch SDOG staking starting from September.

5. BUY BACK MECHANISM – Used to buy back some of the sold tokens and burn them.

💵Buy on PancakeSwap:[](

REAL CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0xd00b5cb619d0793728ddb39f705629fca9debc7c

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