🧈 🍞TOASTED DOGE the Toast that feeds Children & Rewards Doge to Holders🍞 🧈 Huge Potential with a 200k MC 🚀Fill Your Bags before FOMO is too Late🔥🔥

From the makers of Toastie comes Toasted Doge

Toasted Doge Rewards Holders in the form of Doge Coin and is helping

What is Toastie?

ToastedDoge is your friendly charity token that rewards holders with Doge, with a buy-back feature that takes advantage of red candles to get its toast on. As the ToastedDoge wallet grows, the team will take funds for the purpose of donating meals to children. The ToastedDoge team and community will come together on the 1st of each month to choose which charity will be allocated funds for children in need.


5% Marketing

Doge Rewards to Holders

CA: 0x734593ea2bb8cd512281c3a8a1eb7eeeae1216c6

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There’s no hiding anything on the blockchain. You are more than welcome to assess for yourself the legitimacy of this project based on the transaction on the public ledger. Check out this webpage for a crash-course on how to spot and avoid rug pulls. The TOASTED DOGE team encourages knowledgeable buyers who understand the risks and intricacies of trading cryptographic tokens, including how to safely transact and store tokens. As with most cryptographic tokens, TOASTED DOGE is liable to experience extreme fluctuations in price over a short period of time. By purchasing TOASTED DOGE tokens, users expressly acknowledge and represent that they fully understand that the token may experience volatility in pricing and will not seek to hold the issuer liable for any losses or any special, incidental, or consequential damages arising from, or in any way connected to, the purchase of!!!

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