🥊 G-DOGE is in town — The Only Doge that Do Not Try to Look Cute 🚬 Community Driven Token | Anti-Bot, Anti-Whale, Amazing Doge’s Family Story Revealed

After his mother died while giving birth, Garry was left in the care of his only remaining family : Papa Doge and Uncle Doge.

After years of being abused at the hands of those two evil Doges, Garry ran away from home at the young age of 6. Growing up in the streets, all alone, Garry – now known as G-Doge, became the toughest street Doge around.

Recently, one of the members of G-Doge’s loyal Doge Pack, brought him the news of a new half-sibling that was born in his old family.

After years of plotting revenge, the time has finally come. G-Doge is going after Papa Doge and Uncle Doge, to save his sibling Baby Doge!

Presale platform: **Whitelist DxSale**



📊 1,000,000,000,000,000 $GDOGE (1 Quadrillion)

👉 88% DxSale 🔓

👉 12% Burn 🔥



🔓 5% Liquidity Pool Tax

🔥 3% Reflection Tax

🥁 2% Marketing Tax


🚫 No Dev Wallet

🔓 Liquidity LOCKED on DxSale

🤖 Anti-Bot System

🐳 Anti-Whale Measures


Small starting market cap and huge marketing planned. If you missed out on the other Doges, make sure you don’t miss this one!



Whitelist Lottery:

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