🤖 VrNFT is creating a platform to let creators tokenize their VR Worlds and sell them on their marketplace! One of the best Projects of the year! Don’t miss this Fair Launch! 🤖





VrNFT has created a revolutionary decentralized way to tokenize Artist’s VR worlds, and have made a marketplace and also a builder platform for artists to show their talent off to.

This is one of the most unique opportunities in the BSC space right now, I would hop on and check out the beta platform and VrNFT YouTube channel Right now!

It’s supported on the Binance Smart Chain but is also support on the ethereum blockchain!

Through their specialized smart contracts for both the BSC and Ethereum networks, VrNFT lets artists capitalize on their talent and lets them sell and buy VRNFT Worlds! Amazing Technology!

See their Youtube Channel as well for demonstrations of their technology!

Devs are doing a AMA before Launch as well! This is a crazy potential moonshot, and could return 1000x your money!!!

This has crazy potential to be one of the biggest moonshots this year!

The Telegram is popping off and I think this could be one of the hottest coins on the market, This is a really unique concept!

The App already has an alpha almost out, you can sign up for the platform soon!

Anyway this is not financial advice , do your own research and then check it out. I believe this is a serious moonshot, and am going to go up my bags after I drop this post, stay tuned for their fair launch soon!

Tokenomics of the VRNFT Coin
1,000,000,000,000,000 Initial Supply (1 Quadrillion)
3% Marketing Wallet (Locked)
2% Dev Wallet (They’ve worked hard on the project for over a year and we want them to have incentives to make VrNFT Great!)

All of the rest will go to the pancake swap fair launch!
Anti Bot Tokenomics! Anti Whale as well! No large holders allowed!

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