🟡⚫️iBNB – Highest Reward Token in the Cryptoverse – 1 Week Old Over $300K in BNB Rewarded! – CG and CMC Imminent! Get In Early!!⚫️🟡

iBNB is the first token ever to introduce a Dynamic Tax Protocol, which will ensure the sustainability of this project even after the initial hype is over. Moreover, this project aims to create the **BIGGEST** BNB reward pool of any token.

It is the first **Dynamic DeFi token** that adjusts tax rates to sustain and rejuvenate supply pools, building upon existing transaction tax systems used by a large number of existing DeFi tokens. Depending on the state of the Liquidity Pool relative to the Market Cap, the tax rate is automatically
adjusted so that the priority may be shifted to the LP or to the Reward Pool, as need be.

iBNB is the first DeFi token to employ **not one, not two, but THREE** individual mechanisms to fill the **reward pool**. This will be by far, the **biggest reward pool generating token of any token out there**.

**⚖️The first DeFi token to introduce the Dynamic Tax Protocol (DTP) ⚖️**

As a fully dynamic token, DTP will always aim to prioritise 9.9% of the transaction tax to the reward pool. DTP will ensure there is a healthy supply of liquidity to perform trades, such that it can readjust and guarantee the maximum amount of tax directed towards the reward pool.

**📊Whales? Who cares…. Bots? So what! 📊**

iBNB is the first token to introduce scaling tax brackets for large sells. Big dumpers or bots who try to manipulate the price will be taxed at much higher rates thanks to our scaling tax. Any sell of more than 0.1% of the total iBNB supply token will be rejected REJECTED. 🚫

**🤲 Giving back to the community never felt so good! 🤲**

iBNB is the first token to introduce Reward Contributions. A portion of all large reward claims are returned back to the reward pool. Not only does this ensure you can continue to claim a consistent amount of rewards every day, but the whole community also benefits from a healthy reward pool. Remember, all claims over 0.25 BNB are subject to scaling contributions where the more you claim, the more you CONTRIBUTE.

**🔥 Burn baby, burn!🔥**

0.1% of all transactions are continuously burnt for good! Poof, gone… less supply, more demand 📈

**🤝 I like buy backs and I cannot lie 🤝**

The marketing wallet will receive BNB reward claims. We will use these claims to automatically buy back tokens whenever necessary! If there is a lot of unused BNB in the marketing wallet, we will just chuck it in the reward pool! More rewards for everyone!

**👨‍👩‍👦‍👦For the community!👨‍👩‍👦‍👦**

iBNB is here for you. Any major changes to the tokenomics which come about from the adjustments listed above will be put forward to the community and voted on. This is to ensure trust between the iBNB team and community remains solid. Without you guys, we are nothing!

**Over $300K in BNB has been rewarded to holders so far**

* **8x more rewards than HODL, 3x more rewards than TIKI, ~10% daily ROI.**
* Listed on Coinsniper, Coinvote, Coinhunt, BSC-Registry, CoinDiscovery.- Coin Gecko and Coin Market Cap applications have been submitted.
* Poocoin Ads running and looking to expand on multiple platforms.
* YouTube: Prime Investors (127K Subscribers), ИНТЕРНЕТ ЗАРАБОТОК (21K Subscribers) more on the way!
* Twitter: Fabri Crypto (Verified 435K Followers) Mati Crypto (Verified 347K Followers) not stopping there
* Techrate Audit passed
* CEX Listing 👀

**📜Smart Contract:** [](

**🖥Website:** [](

**📃Whitepaper:** [](

🔒**LP is Locked for years**. Even our grand kids won’t be able to touch it!

🙋‍♂️Team is **Fully Doxxed** (check website) 🙋‍♂️

Join socials to keep informed!

**Telegram:** [](

**Twitter:** [](

**Discord:** [](

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    The Tegra Token was created to measure the capability of a deflationary token that challenges modern day tokenomic structures. The majority of deflationary tokens have an astronomical total supply and have under-utilized the purpose of a transaction fee. Tegra has a total token supply of 1,010,000,000, however, after the initial 50% burn there will only be 505,000,000 tokens in circulation. We believe creating a token with a lower total supply and a slightly higher transaction fee will increase value while decreasing time invested. The Tegra token has a transactional burn which will stop automatically once the total supply reaches 5,050,000 (0.5%).

    Presale Information

    Total Supply: 1,010,000,000
    Tokens for Presale: 150,000,000
    Tokens for Liquidity: 57,750,000
    Soft/Hard Cap: 150/300 BNB
    Min/Max Contribution: 0.1/3 BNB
    Presale Rate: 500,000/BNB
    PCS Rate: 350,000/BNB

    🔒 Liquidity Locked Through DxSale 🔒

    🔥 50% Token Supply Will Be Burned Prior To Presale 🔥

    ✅ Coingecko applied
    ✅ Coinmarketcap applied
    ✅ Coinsniper
    ✅ Gemfinder

    Contract: 0xc6baaeb3d791003684cb0801591496596c98f3a9

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    🌐 Website:
    📱 Telegram:

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