🚨Project Of The Year: CremePieSwap |⚡️7 Digit PreSale |⚡️Launch in 2 Days July 12 |⚡️WIN Rewards |⚡️Team is Trusted and Doxxed |⚡️Tokenomics | Don’t miss out! 🚨

⚡️This presale will be **7 Digits** and is gearing up to be the largest of the year! This isn’t your average dog/cat coin, this one is a future multi-billion project. What if you could invest in PancakeSwap when it first launched? $100 would be would $100k right now…sounds like a dream for most of us and such chances occur once in a lifetime if you are lucky!🤑

⚡️Whitelist Registration Now **OPEN**! There are a total of **4000** spots.

If you are selected, the minimum amount to purchase will be **$250** and the maximum **$500** per wallet. The amount they are expected to collect is HUGE – Minimum: **$1,000,000** Max: **$2,000,000**

Price for whitelist and launch is going to be **$0.0006**

This is a great way to keep things fair for everyone and to prevent dumps on launch!

⚡️It is cool that they are also offering rewards for referrals. You will automatically get an additional ‘ticket’ for the whitelist when someone registers for the whitelist via your referral link. The major rewards are as follows (there are more on the website):

🥇**1st Place: $15,000**

🥈**2nd Place: $10,000**

🥉**3rd Place: $6,000**

🎖**4th Place: $4,000**

🏅**5th Place: $3,000**

⚡️This will be a **REVOLUTIONARY** collaboration to build a cross-chain ecosystem that will bridge two chains together: **BINANCE AND MATIC**

100xCoin, BSC Army and Launchzone have joined forces to work together and build a swap platform on Matic chain. CremePie Swap is going to be one of the **FIRST & TRUSTED AMM and DEX** on the MATIC (Polygon) Network. MATIC (Polygon) is a network much like the Binance Smart Chain that offers lower fees than Ethereum or other networks.

**CremePieSwap** takes advantage of these lower fees and combines them with low decentralized exchange fees so users are always working on the lowest cost exchange.

⚡️The leading dev team already has multiple successful projects to their name like 100xCoin and BSC Army, along with LaunchZone

They definitely have what it takes to lead a project of this magnitude AND THEY ARE DOXXED✅


Every transaction will be charged a **6% “tax”** whenever someone sells their CPIE to prevent the collapse of token price when whales decide to sell. This **6%** tax is divided into portions:

🔥**2%** will be used to add liquidity for CPIE

🔥**2%** will be distributed to staked $CPIE on Launchzone’s PoolX

🔥**1%** will be burned

🔥**1%** will be given to the development and marketing wallet

Cream Pie Swap might just be the best investment of the year!!!

**July 12th:**

– Private Whitelist Launch

– Full Public Whitelist IDO Launch

– Official Launch Date (DEX, Token, Listing)

Telegram: [](

💻 Website: [](

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