🚀$PINKPANDA🚀: The FUTURE of FINANCE 💎, from a Community Member 🐼🔥

Every once in a while I have a feeling, sensing a rush of unstoppable energy. The feeling you get when lightning strikes five feet away from you, except more exhilarating and impossibly attractive. These moments–these sudden, quick explosions of energy that change the world–are rare but once you see it you want to grab it with every ounce of energy you have.

Anyways, anon, I want to talk to you about $PINKPANDA. I’m a community member and am quite devoted–but not as devoted as other community members, who’ve even gotten PinkPanda tattoos.

It’s really quite simple: (1) the PinkPanda dev team is insane, releasing their mobile app (Robinhood but for crypto) for both iOS and Android after only a week of development and then releasing weekly updates. V2 of the mobile app and website will be coming in a couple weeks and it’ll blow everyone out of the way. (2) The PinkPanda community is insane, constantly raiding and shilling and writing posts like these. Because we want you to join us, anon.

Wondering what else is in store? Well, there’s VC investment coming, and the dev team doubles in size every couple weeks, and massive influencers like Tyler Hill and Steven Clarke are planning videos on PinkPanda. In 6 months, you will either thank me wholeheartedly for writing this post, or curse yourself for not listening to the rush of energy you’re feeling right now.

Because when you feel the energy, anon, it’s time to grab it.

💬 TG: [](

🌐 Website: [](

🚀 Contract: 0x631e1e455019c359b939fe214edc761d36bf6ad6

🚀 Buy: [](

What do you think?

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  1. Trading in DeFi is overly complicated. The way it is now, mass adoption will never happen. There is a real need for an easy to use interface that is accessible to the average trader. That’s what Pink Panda’s mobile DEX will provide and one reason I am so bullish on this project.

  2. Love PinkPanda. The doxxed founder and lead dev make me very comfortable with my investment. Forward thinkers. I really think this token will be a leader in the future.

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