🚀$Jellyfish🚀: Anti-Dump/whale token, launched with $50 liquidity, can’t sell more than 0.01 BNB at a time, can’t buy more than 1 token, 10000x potential, from the dev of spacefish which did 400x, brand new tokenomic! [Day 2 update]

$Jellyfish: Birth of a brand new tokenomic

What’s this?

A token which caps the max sell amount in terms of bnb. Usual “anti-dump” tokens cap the sells in terms of the token itself. That isn’t much useful when the coin moons cos the value of the tokens have increased. Dumping even a small amount can get big amount of bnb from the liquidity pool. That’s what Jellyfish tries to fix. It caps the sells in terms of bnb which means there won’t ever be a sell of more than x bnb.

How is that a good tokenomic?

– ATH buyers wont get dumped on my early buyers.

– Multiple holders will be able to take profits while the coin pumps. Usually with micro caps a single guy ends up selling some big amount and creates a red dildo. Others have to wait till it recovers.

– I feel like the graph is gonna gonna look much much greener than other coins. If we gained enough liquidity, we will see 200-500 usd buys soo enough. But only les say 10 usd sells. Overall the coin is only gonna pump, until its days of glory get over by some unfortunate event.

Why the name is ‘Jellyfish’?

Cos jellyfish apparently doesn’t poop (dump).

Day 2:

– Price pumped 64x to 32 USD on the first day. Now at 13x with a price of 6.5 USD.

– Website updated.

– Price bot added in tg.

– New stickers in tg.

– Listed on coinsniper, coinalpha, rugfreecoins and 100xcoinhunt.

Launched with a price of 0.5 USD with 50 USD liquidity. Target is $1000. From the dev of spacefish which 4000x.

Anti-Dump/anti-whale/anti-bot tokenomics.

🚀Can’t buy more than 1 token

🚀Can’t sell more than 0.01 bnb at a time (this will increase with time)

📝Contract: 0x110bac434Fb711A312E38FCca4CFe02d2Ee7c8bc



🔥LP Burned:

✔️Contract verified:



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