🚀 Safemoon + Everrise = Moongainz 🚀 | Never Before Seen Custom Contract | 🔹Look at the amazing website🔹

Look at their website: [](

Now Look at this explainer video:[](

It looks really early for this project but they are laying some serious groundwork. They have an upnextcrypto video coming out in the next 12 hours.
They are giving top shillers whitelisted presale access so this is me trying to get that while its still early lol.

I am calling it now. I really think this one is gonna moon like crazy. The devs are really on their shit.

Here is some stuff from their website and info:

Website: [](

Telegram: [](

Medium: [](

Twitter: [](

Moongainz protocol and tokenomics are unlike any other token in existence. While MoonGainz does have similar functionalities to other tokens, the combination of hyper deflationary, rewarding and volatility stabilizing mechanisms are never before seen.

This makes Moongainz unique and primed for an explosive and sustainable growth.


🔸**Ticker:** $MGZ

🔸**Total Supply:** 1 Quadrillion

🔸**Tokens Burned:** 400 Trillion

🔸**Presale Tokens:** 280 Trillion

🔸**Initial Liquidity:** 260 Trillion

🔸**Team Tokens:** 50 Trillion

🔸**Unicrypt Fees:** 10 Trillion

[Tax Structure](

🔹**Buy Back Tax:** 5%

🔹**Marketing Tax:** 1%

🔹**Redistribution Tax:** 2%

🔹**Liquidity Tax:** 3%

🔹**Presale July 12th**

Buy Back limits will initially be controlled by the team to optimize growth for stability. The threshold for the contract to buy-back the tokens will be set higher initially. This is done to prepare for the first dip after launch so we can minimize the negative correction.

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