πŸš€ Rocket Boys – Launch July 14th! Utility token backed by influencers | Biggest project of this year | Lambo Fund, Rolex, Launchpad and so much more! πŸš€



Are you ready for the biggest project of the year?

Are you ready for lambo giveaways?

Are you ready for passive BUSD rewards

Are you ready for the buyback bot to keep the graph steady?

Get ready!

​Public Presale today! Join telegram to find out more information!

πŸ“£ 14th July = PancakeSwap Launch

⭐️ Links ⭐️

⭐️ Website: [](

⭐️ Telegram: [](

⭐️ Telegram: [](

⭐️ Whitepaper: [](


**Launching The Boys To The Moon**

The Rocketboys launchpad is positioned to disrupt all that has become toxic in the current presale ecosystem. The launchpad will operate a much higher barrier to entry for prospective projects – KYB (Know Your Business) and pre-doxxing to an internal Rocketboys committee before launch will provide a uniquely safer investing environment for all participants. This coupled with stringent anti-bot measures on the platform will solidify the launchpad as the fix-all for major pitfalls in the current presale landscape. Rocketboys will be the go to platform for serious projects aiming to launch with longevity and with a true commercial business plan.



Total supply: 1 Quadrillion

7% Lambo prize fund wallet

7% Marketing wallet

7% Development wallet



5% buy back

3% BUSD redestribution

2% Marketing

2% Dev wallet

2% On sell to liquidity pool

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  1. TNT | Tegra Network Presale coming soon to DxSale | Challenging the modern day tokenomic structure πŸš€

    The Tegra Token was created to measure the capability of a deflationary token that challenges modern day tokenomic structures. The majority of deflationary tokens have an astronomical total supply and have under-utilized the purpose of a transaction fee. Tegra has a total token supply of 1,010,000,000, however, after the initial 50% burn there will only be 505,000,000 tokens in circulation. We believe creating a token with a lower total supply and a slightly higher transaction fee will increase value while decreasing time invested. The Tegra token has a transactional burn which will stop automatically once the total supply reaches 5,050,000 (0.5%).

    Presale Information

    Total Supply: 1,010,000,000
    Tokens for Presale: 150,000,000
    Tokens for Liquidity: 57,750,000
    Soft/Hard Cap: 150/300 BNB
    Min/Max Contribution: 0.1/3 BNB
    Presale Rate: 500,000/BNB
    PCS Rate: 350,000/BNB

    πŸ”’ Liquidity Locked Through DxSale πŸ”’

    πŸ”₯ 50% Token Supply Will Be Burned Prior To Presale πŸ”₯

    βœ… Coingecko applied
    βœ… Coinmarketcap applied
    βœ… Coinsniper
    βœ… Gemfinder

    Contract: 0xc6baaeb3d791003684cb0801591496596c98f3a9

    πŸ”— LINKS πŸ”—

    🌐 Website:
    πŸ“± Telegram:

  2. RocketBoys!!!!!!!! Project of the year!!!!!! They reward their shillers, their community, their holders, the whole family!!!! Let’s get rich together!!! Gonna be huge!!!!

APEX Finance | Presale on July 9th | 3 doxxed devs| Utility, check! Celebrity endorsement, check! Major hype, check! |

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