๐Ÿš€ Moonradar Finance ( $MRF ) ๐Ÿš€ Presale in 6 hours. A utility token with solid roadmap. Helping teams like BabyDoge, Tiki token. Listed on Coinmarketcap

**About Moonradar**

MoonRadar is a Boosterpad for projects built on the Binance smart chain and provides a layer of security for investors by whitelisting safely traded projects. Our aim is to increase the quality of Blockchain projects by building a set of tools that can be leveraged by Project creators to boost their value and by investors to analyse and invest in projects at an early stage. At MoonRadar, we are building a suite of tools both for project creators and investors in the BSC ecosystem. For Project creators, we bring value by adding key functionality to their token. For investors, we provide key metrics and early calls to Gems to jump on quite early and ride the wave while keeping their investments safe.


**Token Whitelisting** – Our custom swap built on Pancakeswap to trade whitelisted tokens. We whitelist tokens based on a number of key metrics that we anayse. Here is an article highlighting the benefits of trading with our swap engine – [****](

**MoonDex** – We are building custom DeX interfaces for project creators to add value to their projects. We’ve recently onboarded **BabyDogeCoin**, **Tiki token**, **BabyShibaInu**, **Moonrise**. Check out what BabyDoge have to say about us – [****](

**MoonBrowse** – Users of Moonradar benefit from the early calls that we give to BSC Gems. We’ve given early calls for tokens like $MIL, $HUNNY, $BabyDogeCoin and all of them did very well.

**MoonBoard** – We’re building an analytics dashboard around whitelisted projects where users can track their portfolio, earnings from Reflection and analyse token metrics including price dump alerts.

**MoonBuy** – Users are able to buy crypto with Visa card on Moonradar. Project creators can use this feature to increase token adoption on their websites.

**Casino & Games** – Project creators can add casino & gaming functionality to their tokens and burn the revenue generated from it to make the token hyper deflationary with a utility.

**Stakingpad** – Project creators can encourage users to add liquidity for their token by providing token rewards.

**Launchpad** – Soon, project creators will be able to launch their tokens on our launchpad.

Some more interesting features that we are launching can be found on our Roadmap – [****](

**The project is already listed on Coinmarketcap & Dapp Radar.**


$MRF is a utility token that will be at the core of our ecosystem. The features that we are currently offering(DeX, Buy Crypto, Dashboard, Donate, Casino, Staking pad, Launchpad) will have to be bought by staking $MRF tokens. We plan to extend these features further to become a one stop boosterpad solution for all BSC projects. On the other hand, holders of $MRF tokens will get early calls from us to help them hunt Gems and get into the game before anyone else does! We essentially want to help people build safe & quality projects and connect investors to those projects! MRF lie at the center of this ecosystem!

**Project Links**

Link to out whitepaper & Tokenomics – [](
website – [](
twitter – [](
telegram – [](
blog – [](
DEX – [](
Reddit – [](
Coinmarketcap –
Whitepaper – [](

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