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**Blastoff Finance** is a next Generation DeFi protocol that combines innovative DeFi solutions and NFT’s to generate yields for our users.

Today is a big day for the BlastArmy πŸ‘©β€πŸš€

We just launched our Income Generating [NFT minting]( πŸš€

# What is an income generating NFT’s?

The Blastoff NFT tickets generate a passive income based on the trading volume of our BLAST token. With every transaction, 1% is taken off the top and send to a reward fund for the NFT owners. Depending on which NFT’s you own you can claim your share of the trading volume every day.

**How many income generating NFT’s are there?**

25x Golden first-class tickets

75x Silver Business class tickers

900x Bronze economy class tickets

**How many do the NFT’s earn?**

25 golden NFT’s share 0.5% of the daily volume

75 silver NFT owners share 0.3% of the daily volume

900 bronze NFT owners share 0.2% of the daily volume

For example with a daily trading volume of $1Mln this would translate to $200 daily for a gold NFT, $40 for a silver NFT and $2,20 for a Bronze NFT. If the volume grows the rewards of the NFT grow with it. So with a daily volume of $10Mln the golden NFT’s would earn a daily passive income of $2000!!!



# How to claim an income generating NFT?

You can claim one by locking BLAST-BNB Pancake-LP tokens. The amount and duration depend on the NFT you want to claim. Once you lock the LP tokens you will directly receive the NFT, once your lock duration has ended you (or whoever owns the NFT) can reclaim the LP tokens.

[Provide liquidity on Pancake and receive LP tokens](

The amount needed to claim the NFT is a variable amount based on the side of our liquidity pool and will be shown when you click on an NFT to claim it. The lock durations are as following:

Gold: 6 months

SIlver: 9 months

Bronze: 12 months

[Claim your NFT’s here](



Total tokens: 500.000.000

Token distribution:- 65% farm rewards- 20% community (can only be accessed by the community)- 3% initial Liquidity (LP tokens burned)- 12% team (locked and vested)



πŸ₯ž [Buy on Pancakeswap](

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