πŸš€ Blastoff Finance | 🚜 1200% APY Farms | πŸ€‘ Income generating NFT’s

Blastoff Finance is the most advanced and gas-efficient deflationary token on the market. The BLAST token has 4 different taxes and the first of its kind to distribute rewards to NFT owners. Every transaction made with the BLAST token a tax occurs split into the following fees:

* 5% is locked as liquidity on Pancakeswap and the LP tokens are burned by the contract
* 2% is burned
* 2% is used for automated hold rewards
* 1% is claimable for NFT owners

These fees are community-controlled. The Blastoff Finance team can create rate change proposals for the community to vote on. If they are accepted the changes are automatically enforced by our smartcontracts.

The Blastoff Finance DApp launched with NFT’s that generate a passive income based on the trading volume of our BLAST token and 2 liquidity farms to distribute the BLAST token.

**Blastoff NFT Tickets**

The Blastoff NFT rewards system is the first of its kind and is designed to stimulate big and long-term liquidity locks. The protocol charges a 1% fee on every transaction and sends those tokens to the NFT fund.

If you own one of our NFT’s you can claim your share of those rewards whenever you want, or you can save them up and sell your NFT for a higher price to someone else. The rewards on these NFT will never end. These NFT’s will keep accumulating rewards as long as people are making transactions.

There are a total of 1000 exclusive Blastoff Tickets created as an NFT. The Blastoff tickets will be available in 3 different classes: First class, Business class, and economy class.

The higher your class, the bigger your share of the rewards.

First-class: 25 first-class tickets get 50% of the 1% NFT fee that’s charged.

Business-class: 75 Business class tickets get 30% of the 1% NFT fee that’s charged.

Economy class: 900 economy class tickets get 20% of the 1% NFT fee that’s charged.

**About Blastoff Finance**

🚜 HIGH APY farms

πŸ€‘ Automated hold rewards

πŸ’°1000 Income generating NFT’s

🧑 DApp launched en more features coming soon

πŸ”₯ Community controlled transaction fees

πŸ”° Team tokens released over a 120 day period

πŸ”° Initial liquidity is burned

πŸ”° Marketing fund LOCKED and controlled by the community


Total tokens: 500.000.000

Token distribution:
– 65% farm rewards
– 20% community (can only be accessed by the community)
– 3% initial Liquidity (LP tokens burned)
– 12% team (locked and vested)

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