๐Ÿš€โ™พ UpForever|unironically going to the moon | Presale tomorrow | new antidump protocol | TechRate audit before presale!

Welcome everyone to UpForever, where the token will really go up.

No, it’s **not just a buyback token**. We implemented a special feature that burns tokens from the pancakeswap LP (proportional to how many there are so we don’t over do it), thus, decreasing how much negative price impact there is when someone sells. This has been **never done before**.

Usually, hypothetically:
Buy 1M tokens -> price increase of 10%
Sell 1M tokens -> price decrease of 10%

But with UpForever:
Buy 1M tokens -> price increase of 10%
Sell 1M tokens -> price decrease of **2%**

Demonstration: [](

The contract will be **audited before the presale**!

In addition to that, we also have a 4% liquidity fee so there will be plenty of liquidity, 4% buyback fee, that will be first used for manual buybacks, and later, we’ll implement a next gen AI buyback contract that will do automatic buybacks. There is also a 2% marketing fee so we never run out of funds.

The presale is Tomorrow 2.30 pm UTC, presale will be on DxSale – 200 BNB hardcap, 2 BNB max contribution, 50% whitelisted. We’ll whitelist 30 people from Sweepwidget ([](, 15 people who will mod and contribute to the project, 5 from shilling competition and a minimum of 50 people will be able to enter the public presale (10 min after the start of the whitelisted presale).

There will be no private sale, but the team will hold 5% of unlocked tokens so they don’t have to worry about buying the tokens and the whitelist will not be rigged.

**Also!** Each day, the price will increase by a random amount, between 0 and 20% by burning some additional tokens from the pancakeswap liquidity pool!

Currently we have 470 organic telegram members, all potential buyers.

Website: [](
Sweepwidget: [](
Whitepaper: [](
Telegram: [](
Twitter: [](

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