🔥ETHDOWN was a terrible launch 💰Remade Coin Launch, Stealth Launched 📷


💰Remade Coin Launch, Stealth Launched 💰

What is 🔥 ETHDOWN

After the massive letdown of the minibabydoge, a legit group decided to pick the project up, and make something real out of it. Riding the wave of DOGE posts, we are tired of seeing scams an nonsense. Here is a real, safu, miniBabyDoge. Liquidity locked, all that good stuff. Want to put your money somewhere safe? put it here! Lets ride the wave of miniBABYDOGE marketing, while also not being a scam? Incredible idea right?

Transaction Tax:

– 5% autoliquidity


– 2% Marketing (poocoin banners coming soon?!)

Is this Safu?

Consider this the 🔥 ETHDOWN Inu of crypto, we are tired of scams and nonsense, enjoy a real coin with real tokenomics that wont dump on you or steal your money in any way or form.

· Locked Liquidity 💧

· No Team Tokens 👥

· Anti-Bot, Anti-Institutions, 100% safu! ❌

· Big Marketing Budget 💰💻

Links :
Contract Address: 0x1edcf4a6882862a637986f443d9ae72017048a2f

Pancakeswap: [](

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