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7% Auto-staking via 7% tax from every transaction. This means that for every transaction made, 7% of that transaction gets redistributed among investors. You earn more money just for holding coins!
* 1% Burn tax – This means that for every transaction 1% of that transaction, those coins get burned forever meaning your coins once again become more valuable as this acts an auto deflationary measure!
* 0.5% Maximum transaction size – This unique anti-whale feature prevents any transaction from being larger than 0.5% of total coins available. This prevents individuals from doing large dumps and causing increase in volatility.

Here at SMGM, we are a 100% community driven project that is taking testicular cancer research to the moon and beyond! Our goal at SMEGM is to once and for all END testicular cancer! How we achieve this is quite simple, for every $5 Million in market cap raised, we donate money to testicular cancer research


* Initial launch at $3000 USD market cap (no pre-sale)
* Over 1000 investors within 24 hours
* Within three days reached $15 million market cap
* Currently over 6000 investors
* TikTok partnerships with u/LondonLaz and u/jabagelMan



NEW CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x74f3a669A8f35010F6f8811c495c0A5F60c5d04d NAME: SMEGMARS SYMBOL

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