💡 L1ght L1st is antiquating ICOs 💡L1ght on pre sale now! FlashL1ght wallet underway, launching in September! Full DAO launch by December! ✨


[L1ght L1st](

About the token:


25 million minted, minting an additional 5 million a year for the next 5 years for a total of 50 million tokens by 2026. Presale soft cap of $1.25 million with tons of upward potential.

Current price is $0.05 / .00015 BNB / .000024 ETH / .0000015 BTC a token, early holders get 5 years of airdrops on each minting cycle as well as regular airdrops through the launch of the L1ght L1st DAO.

About L1ght L1st: How It Works, Simplified!

Crypto companies that are seeking early funding and don’t want to lose control of their project by going to Venture Capitalist or launching through a costly exchange, do all of the prepatory work to pitch their project to investors, but instead go to L1ght L1st and submit their projects as Seeds, where they will be able to sell their utility tokens at a fixed price should they Sprout. Prior to submitting the Seed, the selling party must determine their Sprout listing price, a reward allocation for investors who shine L1ght on their Seeds, a Harvest allocation to ensure liquidity post launch, and deposit all of the required tokens along with their submissions.

Seeds have one week for interested investors to shine their L1ght on them, promoting their growth, and at the end of the week, the Seeds with the most L1ght Sprout, and the rest die, refunding all parties involved. If an investor shines L1ght on a Seed and it Sprouts they’re awarded a small portion of tokens prior to the listing, and all investors are returned their L1ght at the end of each week.

After Sprouting, the token is placed for sale and organized by the amount of L1ght it received as a Seed, ensuring the tokens receiving the attention from actual investors are seen first, free from vote manipulation. Sprouts are sold at a fixed price for 28 days or until the preallocated liquidity runs dry; at which point the remainder of tokens, if any, are moved along with a portion of the earnings and the preallocated tokens for Harvest, into the Harvest liquidity pools and made widely available across a variety of DeFi aggregation platforms, where their price becomes subject to supply and demand in our automated market making protocols.

Investors wishing to take part in the growth of their investments are encouraged to begin yield farming by adding liquidity to Harvest pools while also earning newly minted L1ght, this will ensure widespread access to the new token ensuring the project receives the support it needs for continued growth beyond L1ght L1st.

The Bridge Between Investors and Remarkable Innovation is Finally Here! (alsmost)

How to utilize L1ght L1st for different ambitions:

How to earn passive income through L1ght L1st-

Step one- buy L1ght
Step two- Review Seeds
Step three- Shine on your favorite Seeds
Step four- Get rewarded when your Seeds turn to Sprouts
Step five- Harvest newly earned Sprouts for L1ght.

How to find the next big thing on L1ght L1st-

Step one- Open Sprouts page.
Step two- Sort by sale volume or Seed popularity.
Step three- Review Sprouts starting from the top
Step four- Buy Sprouts.

How to fund your project using L1ght L1st-

Step one- Thoroughly map out your projects development timeline and technical details.
Step two- Design informational landing page with a finished whitepaper, roadmap, contact information, and verifiable information about the person/team developing the project
Step three- Develop token and have token audited by certik.
Step four- submit Seed – marketing pitch, links to token contract, certik audit,  and website, as well as the token allotment for sale, the fixed sale price, and gas (ETH/BNB/MATIC).
Step five- Be one of the most popular listings
Step six- Get paid in BNB/ETH/MATIC
Step seven- enjoy long term partial liquidity provisions across a variety of DEX Aggregators.

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