💋💋 – 🔞Adult NFT Marketplace🔞. Fully functional NFT Platform. New huge content creators joined the platform. ❤️Hailee Lautenbach❤️, Spring 2021 playmate, model, actress – IG / TikTok star & 🌟Greg Mckeon🌟, Actor, Writer & Producer

❤️Hailee Lautenbach, aka ‘haileebobailee’, is one of our first large creators to join the space. Spring 2021 playboy playmate, with an Instagram and Tiktok following combined reaching over 1 million followers, model, actress, and our newest quirky talent!

Come meet her in our first interview with the gorgeous and lovely lady!

🌟Greg Mckeon, our Actor, Writer & Producer followed closely behind. He has a HUGE film presence, starring in adult entertainment, has written and produced his own adult films, and he has a substantial following both on twitter and OnlyFans!

🚐The team released a new medium July 9 2021 🚐:

The team is expanding. Developers w/ Java/Typescript & Solidity/RUST are assets. PM me for details, or visit the TG / Discord to inquire further.

New roadmap:

Welcome to NFTease: soon to be the PREMIER MULTI-CHAIN NFT MARKETPLACE FOR 18+ CONTENT. This is a long-term project. Keep your eye on us, we will be very big!

The development team prepared the backend / frontend of the business 4 months prior to launch. This is not a concept, this is a working, fully functional platform. With the full site redesign completed, the team has hired on additional help to proceed with on-boarding creators as we move forward.

The development team has nearly completed building out the agency system where agents (managers with multiple OnlyFans creators), can sign up their clients (this is necessary with large content creators). This system will allow agencies to onboard multiple (LARGE) creators on their own terms, expected sometime this week. Other upcoming additions include; spicing up the UI on token page / marketplace, adding content filtering, and new functionality.

⭐️Torin Hofmann is a co-founder of NFTease, and a crypto YouTuber & business professional who netted $250,000 from Shark Tank (Canadian Dragon’s Den), with an extensive background in marketing

🍀Plans to directly compete with OnlyFans, with less fees, a better platform, and advancements in interactive technology with content creators. The marketplace and eventual subsystems will allow for content creators to engage with their fans on several platforms. With the NFTease token, fees are very competitive at only 4.75% per transaction. Holders also see 1% reflections of every transaction made within each NFT sale & coin buy/sell

💰The tokenomics allow for lotteries, contests, and a community-voted charity for women’s causes. The last contest of 3 in June just completed.
🐰We plan to visit some of the top 18+ events in the country, with streamed content and community interaction (Canada and USA for now, but other locations will be planned in the future).

💼Disclaimer: This is a business. The team is developing the support structure and the proof-case for the marketplace and future adult content, for the long-term. They have the best platform out of any competitors, with a comprehensive backend, and a long string of features tied to the space. They did not have the marketing budget to match other tokens, but they already have the proof-case with onboarding very large influencers, with more on the way. There was no need to purchase or incentivize their interest. Real people, real usage, organic growth. ⚡️Watch us!⚡️

✅Circulating Supply: 1.5 Billion

✅Capped Supply: 2 Billion

✅LP Locked

✅Audit info:

✅Reflections to all holders

✅Doxxed Developers


💋 Official Website:

🛩 Telegram:

🐦 Twitter:




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