πŸ‘‘ $EMPIRE πŸ‘‘ Low MC πŸ’° Farming is Live πŸ–Ό NFT Marketplace πŸ”₯ Manual Burns | Dev Doxxed | Contract Audited

In these crazy market times, staking has been my best friend, which is why I’m stoked af that my favorite BSC token $EMPIRE can now be used to farm πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘

**About Empire Token** πŸ‘‘

Empire Token is a super token built on the Binance Smart Chain which offers multiple use cases stretching from DeFi applications to real-world operations.

**Dev doxxed and active within the community!**

Dulla, the Empire Token’s Founder and CEO, has an extensive background in telecommunications. He has a lot of connections that will be useful in building partnerships with different companies and entities that are most needed for the future success of the project.

He’s also a pretty funny guy, very approachable, and down-to-earth, which is why the Empire community is fond of him. He stays in the chat almost 24/7 to entertain investors and potential ones. Just yesterday, he did an AMA with Satoshi Street Bets community and by the way he answered the questions, you’d know that he indeed knows what he’s doing. We literally have the best dev on the BSC space!

**Empire Token Use Cases** πŸ”‘

Empire takes pride on its strong use cases which involve both the DeFi space and real world. It is Empire’s ultimate goal to merge these two worlds as the real world gradually adapts to cryptocurrency. For this reason, Empire focuses on its two main use cases:

* **Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) Licensing** πŸ–Ό

Empire NFTs come with unique attributes and an extra layer of utility that allows users to license their media for commercial use. Users will also be able to trade and stake NFTs on the platform, but it is the licensing feature that makes Empire unique. Instead of only making a one-time profit on a single, artists can earn steady income by leasing their assets for use.

* **Real-life Payment System** 🌍

Instead of completely focusing their attention on intricate DeFi use-cases, Empire has broadened their horizon to include real-world applications for users outside of the DeFi community. By using Empire’s search engine, users can purchase tickets and book accommodations. The token will have a variety of real-life use-cases that will implemented over time, making the project a bridge for the community.

**What’s being done by the team** πŸ›£

Currently, Empire’s NFT marketplace is being developed and will hopefully be launched in the next two months. A big partnership with PSI has also been done recently, and this allows Empire holders to stake their tokens and earn rewards! There are two farming pools set up in PSI DEX and the APR is insane!!!

These are only some of the many plans and activities that the team has prepared for the project. They will be announcing more exciting news soon, and I’d suggest that you join our Telegram or Discord group and chat with us! The team and community will be happy to entertain your questions about the project!


**Connect with Empire**

* Website – [](
* Telegram – [](
* Twitter – [@RealEmpireToken](
* Discord – [Empire Token](
* Medium – [@empiretokenworld](

Thank you for reading and happy trading, everyone! ✌️🌝

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