🐼$PINKPANDA DEFI💲: It’s more than just investing! 🚀 💎 I love the 🐼PANDA🐼 community and the cause!

Hey everyone, I’ve been investing on BSC for a while and I want to share something new with you. To be honest, I’m usually very objective and dispassionate about investments, but something about the PinkPanda DeFi community has made me much more excited about it than anything before.

It’s a utility coin for a mobile app on both iOS and Android that will support decentralized trading on BSC with 5x leverage. Like, TrustWallet but much much more powerful. And they released the FIRST VERSION OF THEIR MOBILE APP after only a week of development! I’ve never downloaded an app so fast tbh. If this doesn’t prove the credibility of the devs, nothing does. ALSO: the founder is doxxed.

And, of course, the chart. It’s a thing of otherworldly beauty. It goes up a shit ton, corrects a bit, and then keeps going up a shit ton more. The momentum is insane. Check it out yourself–you’ll be shocked.

Now, as I mentioned, the community is the best thing about this coin. Please just humor me and TRY IT–hop into the Telegram chat and see for yourself. These pandas are OBSESSED and are constantly chatting, shilling, and buying.

Why does everyone like pandas? Because they’re calm, reassuring, steady, and cute. So is PinkPanda imo. I don’t go to sleep worrying about my money. I sleep peacefully knowing that the Panda community has got my back.

Obvious stuff: contract renounced, LP locked, doxxed founder, audited by Dessert Finance.

💬 TG: [](

🌐 Website: [](

🚀 Contract: 0x631e1e455019c359b939fe214edc761d36bf6ad6

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  1. I really believe the PinkPanda mobile DEX is going to become the primary way people trade on BSC. Not to mention the number of brand new BSC traders it will bring in!

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