🐶Some dogetip action!🐶

Who wants a few Doge? Over the last couple days it’s come to my attention that there are too many Doge holders out there that aren’t aware of the tipbot. It’s a super fun/easy way to send doge to eachother *right here in Reddit comments*. It’s a totally independent wallet that you can transfer coins in and out of, but it’s also an easy way to have *more* fun in our community.

I’ve got 5 Doge each for the first 4 to register with the tipbot and let me know here so I can reply with your tip (only the first four people sadly, I don’t have many Doge stored in it at the moment).

Keep the Goodfeels going 🤘🏽

Edit: this is the [Link to the dogetip sub]( everything needed for setup should be here. That’d probably help 😅

Edit 2: tipped the registered few that replied, thats it for my tipbot wallet but *please* still register and have fun spreading doge love!

What do you think?

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