Doge after investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum has lost its money and become Street Doge. After investing in doge coin, it has earned lot of money and loves to wear Suites, Shades and Cigar pipe and is now called Street Doge a.k.a. “The Real Gangsta”. 

Street Doge is a community that is developed for helping stray dogs in many parts of the India and other countries. Our token is developed with the purpose to serve stray dogs by donating to the organizations that are helping such stray dogs that need food, shelter or medical aid. For helping stray dogs or street dogs, we’ve made available 5% of the tokens supply.

Along with the journey of helping street dogs, we also plan to make our journey exciting as well. We will arrange competitions among street doge hodlers and buyers, and also will be creating Street Doge NFTs. We will also be launching a physical limited edition Street Doge coins that will be available as NFTs. These coins will be made available to the buyers and they can become the proud owner of a street doge coin.

🐶About **HALL OF MEME**

Hall of MEME is a place where all the Street Doge memes will be displayed in the website. There will be competitions among street doge holders for creating the memes. The winner of the competition will be rewarded with airdrop of street doge tokens. These memes will then be auctioned as an NFT to the general public for buying. The earnings made from these memes will then be donated to dog foundations.

🐶**Launch of StreetSwap**

StreetSwap is a proposed prototype of Decentralised-Exchange (DEX) based on an automated liquidity protocol, providing our users with a clean and intuitive experience when swapping their tokens. The users will be able to directly buy the STDOGE tokens or any other currency from StreetSwap. StreetSwap would also attract other token projects, that can be listed on StreetSwap which will bring long partnership and a bright future for StreetSwap.

🐶**Creating Street Doge Merchandise**

We planned to make our merchandise an NFT to raise the awareness of crypto currency. These NFT merchandise will have 3 categories, GOLD, RARE and LEGENDARY. These NFTs could be bought with StreetDoge coins by investors.


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