🐶LamboDOGE TOKEN – Fair Launch TODAY: 19 UTC New AGE Meme TOKEN – Auto Buyback – BNB REWARD! Potential 100x meme token!

**LamboDOGE TOKEN** – New AGE Meme TOKEN – Auto Buyback – BNB REWARD! Potential 100x meme token!

$250 Giveaway to 1 Lucky Person when we hit 1000 Telegram Members💵

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FAIR LAUNCH ON TIME (19th July 19:00 UTC)


LamboDOGE is your friendly reliable companion. All you need to do is feed him and be rewarded with his love and protection. LamboDOGE is a decentralised cryptocurrency token built on the binance smart chain. With hyper-deflationary functionality and automatic staking to reward LamboDOGE holders, meaning more LamboDOGE coins are automatically added to your wallet for free. GREAT SNACKS!

**Token Name:** LAMBODOGE

**Symbol:** $LAMBODOGE

🧩**Auto Buy Back**

5% of every transaction fee is fed to “LamboDOGE” to make him stronger. LamboDoge is fiercely protective and will take a bite into any major sells.

Each time someone makes a sell transaction, a buy will automatically happen. This will help sustain the price from falling quickly, as buying pressure will always be there. This mechanic also increases the deflationary aspect of LamboDoge, as tokens that are automatically bought back are inaccessible forever (burned).

🔥**BNB Reflection Rewards**

3% of every transaction fee is redistributed to loyal HuskyDoge holders. Consider them snacks!

🐳**Anti-Whale Protection**

LottoDoge features strong anti-whale and anti-dump mechanisms, rewarding long-term holders instead of sellers. Our anti-whale mechanics include a high sell tax within the first few days of the project launching, to prevent whales and swing traders from dumping the price.

📛**Anti-Dump Protection**

Our anti-dump mechanisms will also come into play. When there’s a large price fluctuation downwards, the sell tax will increase to deincentivize panic selling. When the price is moving up, the sell tax will lessen. This anti-dump mechanism will help keep the price of LamboDOGE afloat!


3% of every transaction fee will maintain the Marketing Wallet to ensure LamboDOGE feels wanted.


Locked liquidity pool and locked multi signature marketing wallet.

✅**Exercise Regiment**

Auto Token burns will regularly happen to trim the fat. Burns can assist the token price by reducing the number of circulating tokens in turn increasing the value of your holdings.

100% of tokens have paired to Liquidity & Locked in advance of launch. Lock Proof Below, NO TEAM TOKENS! RUG PROOF! SAFU!


Total Supply –
P. Presale – 10%
Liquidity Pool – 80%
Marketing – 5%
Development – 5%

💧 5% Of Each Transaction Added to Liquidity
🏆 5% Of Each Transaction Redistributed to Holders

FAIR LAUNCH ON TIME (19th July 19:00 UTC)

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