🐶 ECO INU Presale today 15:00 UTC don’t miss out! 🐶 How will this green token stop global warming explained ~ 🐶

🌱🐶ECO INU Finance Phase 2🐶🌱

🚀Donation Ownership NFT Platform!!🚀

We would like to announce the detail of our unique scheme to prevent the global warming as we need to show the difference from so many other dog tokens before presale!! It is called Donation Ownership NFT(DO-NFT)!!

🌿Donation is cost now, but will be value by DO-NFT

There are other charity tokens which donate few % of transaction tax but it is cost for investors. Honestly speaking, investors purchase charity token as they think the value of token will increase, not for donation. We will change this situation by DO-NFT. We will donate 4% of transaction tax. We will create DO-NFT based on the certificate by green charity organization which we donate. DO-NFT includes illustration, and the detail of our donation like date, organization name, number of trees planted, place etc.

We will sell it on our DO-NFT market place. If you purchase DO-NFT, you become the owner of that donation. Also you can sell it if you want. Thus, we can add the aspect of investment to the charity activity. That is why we input number of trees planted into DO-NFT, not USD value, as the value of tree planting will be changed.

We will launch DO-NFT marketplace on our platform. BNB or BUSD will be used for trading. We charge 4% of trading fee and use it for buyback & burn ECOINU token.

🌿How to prevent the global warming

We will increase the green charity activities like tree planting by following steps

1. To make DO-NFT created by ECOINU donation popular by community activity
2. To allow individuals or companies to create original DO-NFT by donating to our partners. DO-NFT will get more attention than other normal NFT
3. To make collecting DO-NFT accepted as corporate social responsibility activity
4. More and more tree planting are held for DO-NFT in terms of investment and CRS.

🌿Let’s ask Elon Musk to purchase DO-NFT

ECOINU was born to improve the bad image of crypto by Elon Muck comment about Bitcoin. We will improve the crypto image and prevent global warming by our scheme. When our goal is achieved, let’s ask him to purchase DO-NFT as his social responsibility.

🚨If you get interested in ECOINU project, join the presale!!🚨

🌱ECO INU Tokenomics

Token Name: ECOINU

Symbol: ECOINU

Total supply 1,000,000,000,000,000

Presale 30%

Liquidity 30%

Team 10%

Airdrop 10%

Marketing and development10%

burn 10%

🌱Presale Information

Platform: Dxsale

Date: 2021/7/10 15:00 UTC

Presale price: 1BNB=5,000,000,000,000 ECOINU

Min buy 0.1BNB

Max buy 1BNB

Soft cap: 30BNB

Hard cap: 60BNB

PCS listing price: 1BNB=5,000,000,000,000 ECOINU

PCS listing date: Soon after presale ends

Presale link will be announced later

🌱Join our community

Website: [](

Telegram: [](

Twitter: [](

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  1. ECO INU is a great project as they look to stop global warming, it gives me great joy to be a share holder of such project. So is the SPDR token another token looking to improve on the privacy of their users with their newly released VPN App. I feel thesame way for it.

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