🐳 $AUNTIE – Completely unbottable | Automatic buyback, enabled from the start, no nonsense | $5000 cash giveaways!

# 🐳 Taking care of her nieces and nephews

Completely unbottable, so no one ruins your fun. Socialism for whales, capitalism for normal folks like you. Automatic buybacks so team never dips longer than they need to. Communal buyback because you should tell devs what you want to do. A marketing strategy literally never even attempted in the history of shitcoins. No marketing tax. No dev wallet. No bullshit.

# 🐳 How to become a niece or nephew?

1. Download MetaMask Wallet
2. Setup your account; Add Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to your network list
3. Head over to PancakeSwap and swap your BNB for $AUNTIE; Contract address available at launch!

# 🐳 $AUNTIE Presents Solution For:

* Are you tried of getting dumped on by whales? ❌
* Sick of snipers destroying your coins? ❌
* Do you cringe at promised buybacks, only to see your coin never touch the moon? ❌

# 🐳 Features

* Completely unbottable
* Automatic buyback, enabled from the start, no bullshit
* Manual buybacks from Auntie Whale, because she takes care of her nieces and nephews
* Aggressive anti-whale tax policy
* The most comprehensive, star-studded marketing campaign ever created for any cryptocurrency
* Highly capable Doxxed Devs known throughout the space
* Celebrity guest appearance on VC launch night
* 24/7 Auntie Whale FM on Telegram

# πŸ’Έ Giveaway

* πŸ€‘ Hosting a $5000 Cash giveaway to ALL entries!
* This is not your normal crypto giveaway, giving it to REAL PEOPLE. No devs.
* 🎯 Score 50-100 points – Entered into round 1
* 🎯 Score 10-50 points – Entered into Round 2I
* If you are not picked in Round 1, team will add your entries into round 2 for second chance! Public Round 3 will be activated if project does not sell out (that won’t happen, better get in now!)

**Cash Prize Breakdown:**

* Team will use our platform to randomly pick 100 entries
* Every entry picked will win $50 directly sent to your wallet
* πŸ† 100 x Random Entries – $50 πŸ†
* ⏰ The competition will end: 15th July – 3 PM UTC ⏰
* Check back daily as team is adding new tasks every day!
* Enter here: [](

# For more details regarding the project, please see contact details below ⬇️

[Telegram]( | [Website]( | [Twitter]( | [Instagram]( | [Reddit]( | [Medium]( | [TikTok]( | [YouTube](



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