🐝BeezCoin🐝 is here to save the bees from global extinction! | Donations For Each TG Member/Holder | Huge Promotions | No Dev Wallet | Presale Coming Soon!🐝

We are asking you to help us make this project possible with a small donation.

Our primary achievement is to keep bees around the globe safe and prevent its global extinction.

🐝**Connect with us:**
🐝Website: [](
🐝Telegram: [@]([beezcoin_official](
🐝Twitter: [](

🐝**Transaction fee:**

1. Tax will be divided into: 3% that will be redistributed amongst all BeezCoin holders.
2. 4% That will be sent to a donation wallet to finance the BeezCoin Non-Profit Organization’s efforts.


* Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000,000
* Burned Token: 94,143,999,999
* Presale Rate: 4,000,000,000 per BNB
* Listing Rate: 3,800,000,000 per BNB
* Soft Cap: 60 BNB
* Hard Cap: 120 BNB​
* Minimum Presale Contribution: 0,1 BNB
* ​Maximum Presale Contribution: 3 BNB

🐝**How does it works ?**

* We will donate 0.40$ for each Telegram Member & 0.50$ for each holder.
* We found [**worldbeeproject**]([ ]( is the world’s biggest non profit organization.
* We will use the funds from charity  wallet with BeezCoin and will use 40% of liquidity from presale.
* We will take a screenshot every Friday Central European Time (CET) 00:00 from the total Telegram Members & total holders and we will begin donation.


🔒Liquidity Locked for 1 year through DXSale 🔒__________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The team consists of 4 members and soon we will upload our first video.

We will talk with you in our telegram Voice chat to solve all the questions about the project and to tell you what our next steps will be.

Also we are looking for Active & Serious!! Moderators for the Telegram (Feel free to contact us).

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This might be the biggest RUG of 2021!!

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