πŸ• BNBShiba ($BNBSHIBA) Holders rewarded Directly in BNB! Claim BNB rewards any time! | Anti Whale and Anti Dump mechanics | 🚨 LAUNCHING TODAY (15/07/2021) 🚨

$BNBSHIBA | Unique BNB Reward Protocol πŸ’Έ


β–Ί What is $BNBSHIBA? πŸ•


$BNBSHIBA is a sibling of $SHIBA which is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It allows its users to automatically earn both $BNB as well $BNBSHIBA throught automatic liquidity protocol. For every transaction 1% of the transaction is distributed as $BNBSHIBA and 12,5% is automatically converted into $BNB and than distributed among the $BNBSHIBA holders. The $BNBSHIBA rewards are automatically distributed and the $BNB rewards are immediatly claimable via our website or BSCscan!


What Bull or Bear Market? Just sit back and Earn Passive Income! πŸ’°


β–Ί Tokenomics πŸͺ™


πŸ• Total Supply: Starting supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 $BNBSHIBA

πŸ“₯ Sales Tax: There is a total of 17,5% tax on each transaction to reward holders and punish sellers!


πŸ’° $BNB Distribution: 12,5% of this tax is automatically converted into $BNB and distributed to all holders!

πŸ• $BNBSHIBA Distribution: 1% is of the tax is directly distributed as $BNBSHIBA into the wallets of $BNBSHIBA holders!

πŸ”’Liquidity Pool: 3% will flow into the liquidity pool to facilitate further trades and strengthen the token.

πŸ“’ Marketing Wallet: 1% will be used for marketing of $BNBSHIBA


πŸ‹ Whale Protection: Holders can only hold a maximum of 1,5% of the total $BNBSHIBA supply, resulting in a fair distribution among holders!

❌ Anti-dump Mechanism: There is a maximum sell limit of 0,1% (1 trillion) of the total $BNBSHIBA supply every hour, so big dumps aren’t possible!



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