πŸ€ Ferox πŸ€ [$400k market cap] Rising Star of DeFi, Presale Continues with Spectacular Bonus Tiers, “Be Your Own Hedge Fund”

This surprise gem from Tron Network has been well hidden as Tron lost some steam over the recent months…

They have been quietly developing the world’s first DeFi Hedge Fund token, where holders get private ownership of a stellar asset management firm, getting monthly dividends and also making daily bets at favorable pay rates of up / down price movement of various commodities on their website when using $FRX instead of any other currency. So not just a meme coin but has very robust use cases. Team is real and well known in the asset management game.

700 million max FRX token supply ever, very modest valuation compared to how much profits the hedge fund has been generating since 2017, official statements available to private investors.

Here is the real punchline, they are about to close a launchpad deal which will guarantee a fast migration to BSC to facilitate the IDO (2-3 weeks tops), it wouldn’t be a surprise if the price makes a minimum of 15-20x from these somewhat obscure levels.

Do your own research, reach your own conclusions please; I present just the empirical data.

You can pick up FRX (Ferox token) on the Seed Round atΒ  πŸ† [****]( πŸ† .

All you need is a Tron wallet that can receive TRC20 tokens like TronLink or Trust Wallet to participate,

and here are some other relevant links for your perusal:

⭐️ [FRX Staking](

⭐️ [FRX Team](

⭐️ [FRX Telegram](

⭐️ [FRX Twitter](

⭐️ [Medium](

⭐️ [Github](

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