🌞$USELESS🌞 [“9.3M”MC] The first Hyper-Hyper deflationary token with unique “Pump-N-Burn” & “Stable Liquidty” mechanics! CMC & CG listed, Audited, LLC registered, Doxxed Directors. App and Dapps currently in development

Don’t feel like reading?
Take a quick look to visually understand our new and innovative “Pump-N-Burn” mechanic.

If you have made it this far, sorry to disappoint you. No dog breed name, no rocket/lambo spamming. Nothing but 100% honesty and transparency.

A little about Us:

1. We formed a company: Useless Crypto, LLC.
Registered in the USA, all six core team members identified on

2. This company develops various products. For example:

– USELESS Merchandise (
– A user-friendly chart app
– A whale tracker app
– And some not yet disclosed products

We monetize all projects and roll a profit.

3. This is where the magic happens. We are in the process of integrating a automated system that takes all profit made from our eco system and injects it directly back into the token. The beutiful part about this model is that this token does not rely solely on holders for its success.

We have written a complex algorithm that acts as a dynamic LP stabiliser Depending on the liquidty %.

The functions performed by this contract will inject BNB and tokens into LP if our liquidty gets low. If the liquidty is high, the contract will purchase tokens and send them to burn address. This will help keep our liquidty at a desired % and a price floor increase overtime, whilst also adding another form of automated burning of tokens.

This makes $USELESS the world’s first serious hyper-hyper deflationary token. Buybacks are from external BNB, not recycled from internal BNB — like so many other tokens!

Picture explaining external VS internal buybacks

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So, some more quick facts:

We are part of the new “DeFi Alliance”
Created by ex-SafeMoon core team member Ragnar, which also includes notable projects such as:
– PiggyBankToken
– The Collective Coin
– 95 % friendly whales
29 of the top 30 holders came forward and have agreed to support the project
-Tokenomics – because why the hell not?
4 % is added to LP, 4 % is distributed to the holders (incl. burn wallet)

Merch, as a proof-of-concept, is already running smoothly.

Apps that’ll benefit the whole crypto space are in the state of a decent progress. Striving to provide an app and features that’ll be the “Robinhood” of the DeFi-Space and benefit the whole space (Portfolio manager, Whaletracker, easy-to-use chart (poocoin, bogged and really do suck right?)

Here’s what the media and YouTube Influencers think of $Useless:


Tyler Hill: (That review is hilarious and honest).


Useful Links:


– Contract owned by multi-signature safe:

– Chart:

– Discord:

– Telegram:

– Reddit:

– Twitter:

– Instagram:

– Facebook:

We want to bring new innovations to the Defi space and take the speculation factor out of the equation by producing products that make revenue and fill a gap in the crypto space.

#Lets make real life profits decide the success of a project and not purely hype.

Visit if you want to know more. I am sure you’ll like the charm and the humour of our website

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  1. This is a project to definitely have on the top of your radar! Lots of movement occurring! This is a hidden gem that will take everyone by surprise! Join our discord and other channels to learn more and become Useless with us!

  2. An outstanding project.. Amazing community.. Transparent dev team who treat you like family and all in all a hell of a good investment! Some straight up wizards behind the scenes on this one! To the sun! Lfg fam!

  3. I can feel the sun’s warm embrace beckoning.. it wants me to go to it, to feel the power the love the light and the glory of its cosmic radiance as it burns my useless ass to a crisp

  4. One of the first honest tokens, it’s the only green line in my portfolio at the moment. Doxxed and professional team, amazing mechanics and registered LLC in the US so no rug pulls, charting app coming up and all profits are injected into the token. What more could I wish for in these hard times? Oh and the community is absolutely brilliant!

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