🌗 $MoonRise – 1000+ BNB #MoonShot buyback+burn in a few hours – Mainstream usecase revealed! – Chart is preparing to go parabolic as we speak!


100% of the Kraken’s BNB. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. One massive MoonShot event. Are you ready #MoonRiseArmy?

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The team at MoonRise have been non stop in their pursuit to be the first truly mainstream buyback token. From being the first buyback token on Times Square billboards and catching the eye of celebrity endorsers to leading the way that other coins are now following on BTOK- They’ve always been ahead of the game. Yesterday it was announced that they would use the buyback whale wallet in its entirety on the 26th July. That’s currently $175K and growing!!

And now… MOONRAISE their innovative use case…

MoonRaise will be an all-in-one platform for anyone to raise money for their anything. It will host presales, funding events, giveaways, charity campaigns – anything you can think of. It will simplify the design and flow of current solutions, and will combine all of these use-cases into one slick site. Think of GoFundMe but for crypto, and then think one step further. That is what MoonRaise is going to strive to be.

❗️ $MOONRISE holders will benefit greatly from this new site, as the $MOONRISE token itself will serve to provide many benefits to users of the site, including paying for campaign listing fees, granting discounts for certain holder tiers, gaining eligibility for exclusive giveaways & airdrops, and more.

⏳ We expect MoonRaise to be ready in around 30 days from now. The team has been planning out the logistics of it all behind the scenes for some time now, and we’re all super excited to eventually get to share some initial sneak-peaks of it!

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There are also Korean, Japanese, Arabic, and other foreign communities being made!

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📃 Contract: 0x7ee7f14427cc41d6db17829eb57dc74a26796b9d

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