šŸŒ•šŸŒ• Safemoon on the Moon… LITERALLY! šŸŒ•šŸŒ•


When asked if he could give us some information but he has vague has possible, Thomas said, ā€œIā€™m going to put ACTUAL Safemoon on the ACTUAL moon.ā€


[You know, the company Papa worked for that worked on Doge-1 as well… this is there mission:](


> “to lower the cost barrier for startups and smaller budget launches, especially those that help to fulfill our company’s mandate of transforming civilization for the better.”
>Mr. Reid stresses that expanding access to space beyond governments and large corporations is the RideShare Program’s “regulative, guiding ideal.” But insists that such expansion requires “not only ensuring that space missions are financially accessible to even smaller budget projects, but also that we prioritize projects that aim to enhance humanity at large.”

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Matching the previous whales discounts.

Holding several Coins using Ledger S (need clarification)