[We need a feedback]A development support tool that can deploy DApps in 10 minutes using GUI.

We are developing a support tool for developers who want to create DApps.

This product has a GUI that allows easy generation of ERC20 and 721, and a mechanism to link with smart contracts that have auction functions.

Of course, the GUI-based token generation feature can be found in other support services as well. The uniqueness of this initiative lies in its ability to design arbitrary DApps in conjunction with smart contracts, and it also has a mechanism for uploading contracts developed by the user and importing other people’s contracts.

We have a paper proto demo of this product and would like some feedback.(By zoom e-meet)

If anyone is interested, please feel free to contact me.

What do you think?

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  1. That already exists. There’s simple ERC20 generators and most NFT Marketplaces (opensea, rarible etc.) will have a nice GUI that even non-devs can use. For devs they’ll likely want to write code directly anyway as simply creating a token can be done with ~10 lines of code anyway but if they’re writing code at all it’s likely to add features.

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