✊ iHODL ✊ Pioneering contract with Anti-Whale – Anti-PanicSelling – Anti-Dump ✅ 1 Day old / 600+ Holders / Read to explode! Missed out on iPanda? Currently at the lowest price possible, so now is your chance to get in!

$iHodl is a fully decentralized, community driven crypto currency with pioneering tokenomics to counter-act the usual pump and dumps which are seen so heavily within this space. It is created for people who have those diamond hands, the strong fists and won’t sell for peanuts! Revolutionised tokenomics with newly design auto adjust Anti-Whale, Anti-Dump and Anti-Panic Selling features. With added giveaways to some lucky holders once we reach certain market caps!

Head over to their official Telegram group to find out more, the developers are active and are happy to answer any questions you may have!

**📢 Telegram:**




**📝Verified Smart Contract:** [](

🔑 **LP Locked:**

**Website: Incoming..**

*Token Symbol: $iHodl*

*Total Supply: 100 QT*

*Token burned: 50% already burned, and increasing with every transaction!*

****Basic TAX fee: 10% (Refer to below Anti-Dump & Anti-Panic Selling features)***

*♻️ Auto-Liquidity: 4%*

*✅ Auto-Reward & Auto-Burn: 4%*
*🚀 Development and Marketing wallet: 2%*

Anti-Whale: Each wallet holder can only purchase up to **1%** of total supply.

Anti-Dump: Special selling TAX fee, this is to target when a single large SELL happens with significant price impact (> 1%), this Tax is calculated with 10 X the % of price dropping impact, ie:

*1.5% of price dropping impact, selling Tax is 15%.*

*2% of price dropping impact, selling Tax is 20%.*

*3% of price dropping impact, selling Tax is 30% and so on, up to a maximum of 90%.*

Anti-Panic Selling: If the price comes down from ATH, special selling TAX fee will be adjusted to 1.5 X % gap from ATH and apply to all sellers. For Example:

*o Current Price is 10% below ATH, selling Tax is 15%.*

*o Current Price is 20% below ATH, selling Tax is 30%.*

*o Current Price is 30% below ATH, selling Tax is 45% and so on, up to a maximum of 90%.*

Whichever higher special selling Tax applies, the Maximum selling Tax fee is 90%.
This token is being launched by FairLaunchGroup. A team of trusted devs with a group on telegram with over 1k members who love their launches! You can guarantee it’s all SAFU along with a strong/ever-growing community!

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