✊ iHODL ✊ Launched last night! 600+ Holders – Pioneering contract – Will be the next iPanda! πŸš€

iHODL launched yesterday with pioneering tokenomics, where sell tax increases up to 90% the further away we are from ATH. For every 10% drop from ATH, the sell tax increases in increments of 15%. At ATH the tax is 10%. Buy tax is unaffected at all times. So right now, we dropped about 50% from ATH meaning the sell tax is the highest possible at 75%-90%. It would be a great entry point since downward pressure is pretty much nonexistent at this time. Let’s get it to a new ATH!

πŸ“’ Telegram: [](

πŸ“Contract: 0x10dca79250994f3e32e410f4532303e19e3c8fbb

πŸ₯žPancakeswap: [](

πŸ“ˆChart: [](

πŸ“Verified Smart Contract: [](

πŸ”‘ LP Locked: [](


Token Symbol: $iHodl

Total Supply: 100 QT

Token burned: 50% already burned, and increasing with every transaction!

*Basic TAX fee: 10% (Refer to below Anti-Dump & Anti-Panic Selling features)

♻️ Auto-Liquidity: 4%

βœ… Auto-Reward: 4%

πŸš€ Development and Marketing wallet: 2%

Anti-Whale: Each wallet holder can only purchase up to 1% of total supply.

β€’ Anti-Dump: Special selling TAX fee, this is to target when a single large SELL happens with significant price impact (> 1%), this Tax is calculated with 10 X the % of price dropping impact, ie:

1.5% of price dropping impact, selling Tax is 15%.

2% of price dropping impact, selling Tax is 20%.

3% of price dropping impact, selling Tax is 30% and so on, up to a maximum of 90%.

β€’ Anti-Panic Selling: If the price comes down from ATH, special selling TAX fee will be adjusted to 1.5 X % gap from ATH and apply to all sellers. For Example:

o Current Price is 10% below ATH, selling Tax is 15%.

o Current Price is 20% below ATH, selling Tax is 30%.

o Current Price is 30% below ATH, selling Tax is 45% and so on, up to a maximum of 90%.

Whichever higher special selling Tax applies, the Maximum selling Tax fee is 90%.

This token has been launched by FairLaunchGroup. A team of trusted devs with a group on telegram with over 1k members who love their launches! You can guarantee it’s all SAFU along with a strong/ever-growing community!

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