⚡️$Raijin is an ERC-20 token that aims to reward holders by collecting large redistribution fees from snipers and dumpers🔥

How does it do so?


In the first 5 minutes:

– $Raijin imposes a 25% redistribution fee for sells

– 15-sec cooldown after a buy for bot prevention

– 25% snipe tax on buy


Sniper mechanic which runs for an hour:

– Snipers start with 20% redistribution fees on sell

– Snipers sell are limited to 1% price impact

– Limited to 1 sell



💼6% marketing💼

🔄5-20% redistribution depending on sell counter (5% on 1st to 20% on 4th sell).🔄


After the initial hour, the redistribution goes down to 0.5% or 5%

Bots will be banned ✅

No team tokens, No presale. ✅


Learn more about us and check out our roadmap by joining our socials :


Website: [](

Telegram: [](

Twitter: [](

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ZENFUSE / hidden gem / DYOR / very early / big potential / full launch platform soon