Abba. Avicii. Meatballs. Rotten fish. Sweden had peaked.
Or so we thought, for a long time.

Enter MoonMiner.

By re-writing the rules for passive income in crypto, these Viking-named-computercode-guys has come up with a surefire way for doing absolutely nothing and still cash out. Wich, if you know Sweden, is right on point with the general public.

Only a few days ago, MoonMiner got their first copycat. The strongest signal there is off you doing something right. Last week, MoonMiner had a sudden flash of movement and broke 2m mcap, but decided the air up there was too thin.

They’re now back on earth, spending most of their days in pressure chambers reading the bible and minding their own business.

This is not financial advice, but if I were anyone else I would snag a piece of this cake while no one is watching. You might get what seems like crumbs today. But if you just sit on your hands doing jack shit for a year or so – you’ll be able to gas up your car, feed your family and 2 out of the 5 cats you’ve got – by doing nothing.

✅ Hidden gem with a SUSTAINABLE and BRAND NEW BNB rewards solution – NOT A FORK!

✅ Low market cap – $1mil

✅ 12% tax (2.4% liquidity, 7.2% mining pool, 2.4% reward pool)

✅ Doxxed Swedish devs, true nordic power!

✅ Automatically pays BNB rewards

There are now talks going around that says MoonMiner might be evolving. Word on the streets is that they’ll develop a launchpool for serious DeFi projects who in their own way will teach not only themselves but also the next generation of hopefully-not-blind-apes how to make some actual money.

Missed the rockets to the moon? Get in the Volo to IKEA. Things are just about to get… kinda chill, since you dont have to work anymore.



📈 https://poocoin. app/tokens/0xb9a0caabd2f247631ecf03dd5e363c430c66a65b

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