⚠️ Celsius Network WARNING ⚠️ 🚩

This is a warning for all current clients and people thinking join [Celsius Network]( learned the hard way that lending plateforms are not trustable at all.They say they support decentralisation and freedom etc… THEY DON’T. All they want is more (your) money.Celsius created hodl mode for clients that want a “security” so a hacker can’t withdraw everything instant and will need at least 24 hours to deactivate it and 24 more to change withdraw address.Once again all of these measures aren’t for your protection but for them to keep your money longer (as banks do).So the hodl mode wasn’t created to help celsius clients but for the sole purpose of blocking clients funds at their will (with or without their consent).

Freezing account COULD be ok for legal reason not for personal reason of a staff member.

**So what happened exactly?**Withdraws on celsius are free and seems to be unlimited. So I wondered if there was a limit, even a big limit to avoid spam and what’s celsius policy about lot of withdraws.So before doing anything I asked on the telegram group these questions politely.An admin nicked “Xineohp” answered me “Don’t abuse the system” several times pretty aggressively. I said it wasn’t multiple times too but he didn’t seem to understand and told me to contact support.So I proposed to contact support to ask them directly and maybe show a potential flaw so they can patch it.So in view of the aggressiveness I decided to not do any batch withdraw and just make a single withdraw. Just withdraw MY funds peacefully.

*few minutes later*Before take my phone in my hand I got a notification from celsius app “We activated HODL mode on your behalf” and my mom got the SAME.So the guy seems to have search for me in clients files based on my telegram username AND ip to link to my mother (which live in same home) to completely freeze us.

Asking questions politely is not a reason to block ME and all my family members. Even worse as anybody could use your nickname on telegram, so anybody could say anything using your name and your money get frozen. So that could be someone else than me!

When I said “Celsius team forced all mode on my wallet” I got muted from the group by the same admin “to avoid FUD spread”. FACTS are here.

I did a thread on twitter that was ignored by influencers I tagged which prefer share their referrals and make money than warn their community. I also tagged CEO which is active on twitter (maybe he isn’t aware of these internal practises?) but he played blind too.I tagged cointelegraph writers and proposed to tell them more about al lof this but I wasn’t contacted. Probably the same reason again, not financially interesting. If I’m not wrong they are paid to write about companies, why would they write a free article warning ppl?I contacted the admin the again which doesn’t denyed anything but just answered

`I do not want FUD in the chat. Celsius placed you in HODL mode because of your actions.`

`I’m no longer going to communicate with you. Please communicate directly with Celsius via support email at` [``](`.`Then I contacted another admin of that group and described all of this and after insistance I got that answer:

`I have just heard back from support and they said they will be in contact with you about your account`then no way to get any response from him either and of course refuse to unmute me too.

The so called support doesn’t answer since more than 72 hours now and I have serious doubt getting answer anytime soon, telegram muted and telegram group admins refusing to answer anymore.Celsius often give welcome bonus to get more clients, they once proposed to do review on App Store/Play Store/TrustPilot in exchanges of bonus (20$ crypto if I remember well).

Cryptocurrencies have a bad reputation because it’s often related to scam, rug pull, ponzi schemes AND exit scams.My family members don’t want to hear about crypto anymore after about -50% and now plateform blocking us just because a staff member doesn’t like me.From my side I hope to get our accounts unfrozen asap so if I still have that right I’ll withdraw everything and uninstall the app forever if not I will sue them. My family members will market sell asap because as I said they’re now disgusted of crypto.

For current and potential futures clients of Celsius you are free to listen that warning, you can’t get a worse red flag than this. I you absolutely want a lender I may redirect you to [Nexo]( should think twice before depositing anything on Celsius.
I’ll update this post as soon as (if?) I get an official answer from them.
My DM are open for any journalist that would like more infos about this.

[In-app warning](

[e-mail received](

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  1. Good to know there’s so much human intervention… that alone makes your account as unsafe as a facebook account (I just got banned, and they are going to ignore the appeal forever).

    I hold some CEL on Bittrex purely because it seemed like a contrarian holding, moving independently of BTC and the general alts. I do not plan to hold beyond trading or stake any.

  2. WTF holy shit. I’m glad I moved most of my ETH funds into defi pools. I still have a sizeable chunk of BTC and BCH in there though. Forced Hodl mode? That’s ridiculous. You should bring this up in the celsius weekly chat so that at least other people viewing the chat will be notified.

    I thought celsius was a good company. What a shame.

  3. I actually have all my crypto in Celsius, where else can I park my crypto to still earn some interest/staking on it?

    Also, I have like a dozen CEL coins, where can I send those?

  4. I used them for a while, got out of it quick. Besides what you mentioned there is

    – No full security on your funds, they lend it out to third party and it’s only insured up to a specific number, exactly like banks work. If it goes down the shitter they’ll just be yeah it was in the T&C.

    – Limits in place although it’s unlimited. They say it’s because they only have a limited amount available in the hot wallet but I doubt that as I wasn’t withdrawing hundreds of thousands.

    – Completely centralized

  5. You flat out admit in another comment that you abused the referral system by opening accounts for family members and seeding their accounts from your own. Your account is HODL mode because you chose to farm referrals and breach the terms of use. You will have to wait for them to review your case and come to a resolution.

  6. You sound like the Karen of crypto. There’s always two sides to the story, maybe your accounts got put in HODL mode on the suspicion of having two account since you use the IP. Many people do this to abuse the promo codes, and it’s not unusual for them to investigate this further.

  7. UPDATE:

    This add sad news.
    Best scenario is I get answer after a long period of time. They are not happy because two accounts logged in on the same device.
    – They will remove all bonus and interests HARDLY EARNED. (Which represent the big majority of my assets because I early invested so a bonus of 20$ at this time represent easily 500 now)
    – Suspend all accounts
    – Send the rest (if there is still something) to whitelisted address. Which probably point to adresses I no longer use AKA void.

    People can log in on friends/family device. That’s normal. If they doesn’t accept that normal use they should clearly mention it.
    So here they didn’t mention it but you still get hardly punish for it. 👏🏻
    They did a lot of money on us, we lost a lot.

    In this Link: [reddit post]( a moderator (the same that talked and muted me on the telegram) confirm that multi-account (for ex: family or partner) is permitted and official support of that feature is on the dev list.
    [Image of the post]( (if that gets deleted)

    Note that is the best scenario I see. Urgent request aren’t answered within 48hours as they say. Ppl report weeks to months and sometimes not answer at all.
    They just want us to give up all that money and move on. I can’t as it’s all my live savings, living like a poor (not eating everyday, same clothes since 5y+ etc). I really spent nothing and lost a lot of thing to spare.
    I spared for a big rich company…

    The facts that I’m not alone + still after more than a month nobody saw their money back + they gave a lot of bonus codes recently because they need liquidity to pay new comers + they ignore/censor anything about on all social networks
    Let met thinks they are about to exit scam. I couldn’t recommend more to sell any CEL you may have and withdraw asap all your funds before it’s too late.

  8. Maybe they activated HODL mode on your account because they thought it got hacked. It’s not certain from your description that it was retaliation. Also, I’m not trying to defend them but it doesn’t seem prudent to agitate a cefi organization while they are holding your funds.

  9. Did you sign up family members and deposit crypto for them to take advantage of referral bonuses? Not defending Celsius, just wondering if that’s what happened as I’ve heard similar stories. It could be a coincidence in the timing, I don’t think they would freeze your acct because they don’t like the way you talk on TG.

    If you are going to sign up family members, make sure they deposit their own crypto from a source not linked to any deposits or withdrawals to/from your own Celsius account.


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