⚔️Versus Protocol⚔️ An amazing Crypto Moonshot game! Completely Revolutionary reward tokenomics, a committed team of over a dozen people, and a whitelist contest starting soon! Join our Telegram for more info!

🆚 Versus Protocol ⚔️ is a first-of-its-kind platform to feature two native tokens that battle for the highest market cap to earn massive BUSD space loot! | Moderated by Space Dean, a state of the art on-chain smart contract | Presale coming soon!

That’s right! You heard it right. Versus features a revolutionary approach to BSC projects that pits two native tokens against each other in a space race to the highest market cap. Two tokens, two teams, one MASSIVE prize at the end of every competition period!!

But it gets far better than that; aside from its striking visuals that alone will moon this innovative platform, Versus features the most distinguished ref across the Cosmos, Space Dean! Affectionately named after Herb Dean, his great-grandfather from Earth, Space Dean is a proprietary on-chain smart contract that manages each competition to ensure fairness in battles and is responsible for issuing extraordinary space loot rewards in the form of his planet’s native currency, BUSD!

Each team, VersusMoon (Blue Team) and VersusMars (Red Team) vie for glory during each competition period (3 days each). In order to choose a side, simply purchase the native token of each team! Feeling red hot? Join up with VersusMars! Feeling cool? Jump in with VersusMoon!

But the real fun begins when Space Dean lands on the battlegrounds. This iconic referee utilizes a percentage of each transaction to increase or decrease the number of tokens by buying or selling with the BNB gained via transactions for each team! That means if you buy VersusMoon, Space Dean sells a portion of VersusMars. If you sell VersusMoon, Space Dean buys a portion of VersusMars! And vice versa! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!

Even better, the Versus Protocol community offers daily contests where each respective team can earn Space Dean boosts! Yes! That’s right! Battle each other in daily contests like Telegram raids, and the winning team will earn a special Space Dean boost, like no penalties against the team when the opposing one buys for a period of time!! 🤯

This is the most exciting and revolutionary project to hit the BSC market EVER. And just wait until you hear what’s in store for the future, too! Sure, the teams are named after closer celestial bodies, but my goodness this platform will take you to Andromeda!!

Join the Telegram group NOW to stay up to date about the presale coming soon, and take part in the whitelist competition to solidify your team allegiance!

Tax breakdown:

Total Tax: 10%

5% sent to Space Dean to hold as space loot rewards (converted to BUSD)

1% sent to Space Dean to utilize buy/sell fairness (converted to BNB)

2% to Auto LP

2% to Marketing to sustain operations

Set slippage to 11% to buy/sell on Pancakeswap!

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📢 Telegram: [](

🌐 Website: [](

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