♻️Doge Coin Inu just updated on pancakeswap one minute ago 🚀✔️ 🔒Liquidity is locked – Renounce Ownership -GO TO THE MOON 📷


♻️Doge Coin Inu are hot right now, everyone understand what ♻️Doge Coin Inu are and it is a speculative item that is dictated by the market on how much one should cost, and of course by incorporating NFT we add more usecase to the meme ♻️Doge Coin Inu token.

🚀%Liquidity is locked on Unicrypt%

♻️30 million tokens sent to the black hole already!!

Total supply : **100,000,000,000,000**

Burn address: **80%**

♻️WHATS NEXT? Marketing the project, doing contest on twitter,creating a community, make a roadmap, create and collaborate artist to make NFTs for Internet Computer

Telcoin rewards will be awarded ever hour to the community based on the percentage of Akitas Inu tokens that you hold.

5% Auto Liquidity

This goes back to liquidity ensuring the coin is thriving.

3% Marketing

3% of buys and sells is reserved in the Marketing wallet for long term Akitas Inu promotion.

2% Auto Burn

2% burnt, decreasing the supply and increasing value over time.

💵15% fee on all buys and sells 💵

There will only ever be **100,000,000,000,000** ♻️Doge Coin Inu token.

🔒Liquidity is locked for 365 Days

🚀 Contract: 0xf61e46f6c74fbda77265b4a06b14dc938956e17b

🚀 Pancake Swap :[](

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